Legalise Vaping Australia has released the results of the largest ever survey of Australian vapers, which has shown some vapers will go back to the smokes should the 1 January vaping ban go ahead.  

The survey of 6,733 Australian vapers found that 42% would likely go back to the smokes should the vaping ban proceed. Also of worry, some 37% said they would source their vapers from the black market should the band go ahead, while just under 7% of vaper support the proposed prescription model.

The key takeouts of the survey:

  • 200,000 vapers will go back to smoking if the January 1st vaping ban goes ahead.

  • Vapers overwhelming DO NOT support a prescription model for accessing vaping

  • Vapers are now a powerful voting block. 400,000 vapers will consider their vaping intention based on a party that supports the legalisation of vaping

Legalise Vaping Australia, Campaign Director Brian Marlow said the survey results were the clearest indication yet that vaping needed to be legalised in Australia with appropriate standards.

“Ex-smokers should not need to choose between vaping and going back to the smokes, we need to legalise vaping to ensure vapers can access regulated products in Australia when they need it.”

“Vapers now form a powerful voting block, it is simply not good enough to send them back to the smokes should the vaping ban go ahead. MPs need to listen and do the right thing when it comes to reducing tobacco-related harm, by the legalisation vaping.”

You can view the full survey results here.

Read full article here.

Legalise Vaping Australia – September 22, 2020.

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