Massachusetts will place a four-month ban on all sales of vaping products, the state’s governor announced Tuesday, citing the rising toll of mysterious lung illnesses and deaths linked to e-cigarettes.

The policy will be the most extensive among several states’ recent crackdowns on vaping, amid growing alarm over e-cigarettes’ popularity with young people and fears that the products — which have yet to be vetted by the Food and Drug Administration — pose unknown health risks.

Bans on sales of flavored vaping products took effect this month in New York and Michigan, and the Trump administration said it plans to enact a similar regulation at the federal level. Flavored products have attracted particular scrutiny from policymakers who say they are getting kids hooked on nicotine.

But Massachusetts would go beyond a flavor ban to temporarily eliminate tobacco and marijuana e-cigarettes from the market. Officials said the halt will allow time to properly investigate the products.

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Hannah Knowles  – The Washington Post – September 24, 2019.

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