Researchers from the University of York have found helping people who use mental health services to stop smoking is a good investment for the NHS and could save money in the longer term.

A team of researchers from the University of York found that quitting smoking interventions, tailored to the needs of people accessing mental health services, are cost-effective over 12 months.

This was mainly due to lower use of expensive hospital-based healthcare services.

Study lead, Professor Simon Gilbody, from the University of York, said: “Smoking kills large numbers of people every year and people who use mental health services have been left behind in the societal reductions in smoking rates”.

The director of the Mental Health and Addictions Research Group (MHARG) at the department of health sciences, added: “Working in partnership with people who use mental health services, we have used the best research methods available to us to tackle the epidemic of smoking”.

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Ruth Dacey – The Yorkshire Post – June 10, 2020.

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