NEW ZEALAND Parliament is moving forward with sensible, balanced vaping regulations designed to help adult smokers switch to vaping while restricting access to young people.

The proposed regulations were released by the Health Committee today and will be presented to Parliament for consideration.

The regulations acknowledge that vaping products  have lower health risks than smoking. They are designed to facilitate the uptake of vaping and to ensure safer, quality vaping products.  Vaping will be regulated differently to tobacco.

This sensible approach is quite the opposite of the Australia’s approach to vaping.

The proposed regulations are not perfect though. Some restrictions are based on excessive caution about youth vaping. However, a recent New Zealand study of 14-15 year olds found that regular youth vaping was rare and mainly confined to current smokers.

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Colin Mendelsohn – Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association – June 2, 2020.

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