Association focuses on ‘adult influencers’ to get message about vaping out

The P.E.I. Lung Association has launched a new toolkit to help parents, teachers and coaches talk to young people about vaping.

The association, in partnership with the Home and School Federation and Sport P.E.I., has created a toolkit with different modules for teachers, parents and families, and coaches.

“We’re trying to work with adult influencers that are in the youths’ lives to get this information out to them,” said Julia Hartley, the association’s co-ordinator.

Hartley said the P.E.I. organization decided to target adults because Health Canada already has an anti-vaping campaign aimed at youth and because surveys had shown them that many adults have misconceptions about vaping.

‘Trying to meet the kids where they’re at’

The toolkit covers what vaping is, why it’s popular with youth and how to have a conversation about it with young people.

The information was still crafted with children in mind — focus groups this fall in Charlottetown and Stratford with youth ages 12 to 14 showed they wanted to hear personal stories from other youth, which is reflected in the material.

The only types of e-cigarettes and juice that will be available in Nova Scotia after the ban comes into effect are bland and tobacco. Hartley said the association wants the same rules in P.E.I.

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CBC News – January 20, 2020.

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