Parks, beaches across Metro Vancouver closed to reduce long-weekend crowding


Many parks, beaches, roads have been closed to deter large gatherings, encourage physical distancing

From Vancouver’s West End to White Rock’s waterfront, municipalities across the Metro Vancouver region are rolling out a swath of measures to keep crowds down in popular urban parks and beaches this weekend.

Park officials said bylaw officers will be out in force watching for anyone not observing physical distancing measures, and will issue fines if they spot groups not following provincial guidelines.

The Fraser Valley’s Cultus Lake Park is one such recreational area that will remain closed until further notice to discourage large gatherings, which officials worry will lead to accelerated COVID-19 virus transmission.

In White Rock, officials said the city’s popular waterfront promenade will be closed to the public in order to reduce the number of visitors to the seaside park.

White Rock Mayor Darryl Walker announced the decision Wednesday, anticipating groups on the beach and walkways of the popular tourist destination as warm weather and long weekends approach.

“Right now, starting on Easter weekend, we are saying, this is not the time to visit.”

Crews had already begun putting up fencing around the promenade Wednesday, while other areas such as waterfront parking lots and the pier were closed back in March.

In North Vancouver, several parks are closed to the public, including the parking lots at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park and the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve during the long weekend.

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CBC News, April 9, 2020.

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