Gerry Stimson, public health social scientist and emeritus professor at Imperial College London, has spoken out about the post-Brexit tobacco policy reform opportunities presented to the United Kingdom.

The themes in his essay published in the International Journal of Drug Policy was continued in his presentation to a recent fact-finding exercise conducted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping.

Stimson, who is also the founder and Director of Knowledge-Action-Change1, is a believer in harm reduction and open dialogue. He is the power behind the Global Forum for Nicotine, an annual event where experts meet and share information about tobacco harm reduction.

His essay explains that as the UK is no longer constrained by European legislation, new opportunities are now open for the nation to increase its focus on tobacco harm reduction. Stimson begins by pointing out the shortcomings in the mindset embodied by Robert Branston, Deborah Arnott, and Allen Gallagher.

Read full article here.

Dave Cross – Planet of the Vapes – Feb 18, 2021.

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