Paul Blamire is a modern-day alchemist, a would-be Willy Wonka who conjures up flavours in the spare room of his modest Western Sydney pad.

The former racehorse trainer puts his gifts to profitable use making vape juice, the flavoured liquids used by electronic cigarette puffers, sometimes as a substitute for cigarettes.

Today he’s fine-tuning one of his latest creations: milk chocolate banana bread.

“Oh, wow!” he exclaims imagining the soft, sugary taste of cake infused with isoamyl acetate and theobromine, the chemical compounds found naturally occurring in bananas and chocolate.

His room is lined with industrial-style metal drawers, stacked with bottles of additives, enhancers and food flavouring like custard, fried dough and honeycomb.

“You name it, it’s actually endless.”

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Stephen Hutcheon and Ariel Bogle – ABC News – August 29, 2019.

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