Transportation Minister Claire Trevena would like you to know that she was shocked and surprised when Greyhound announced it was cancelling almost all its bus routes in B.C. a few days ago. The province, she says, was blindsided. Sandbagged. Nobody, according to Trevena, could have seen the cancellations coming.

“We knew Greyhound was facing problems,” she told reporters. “We had no indication they had plans to pull out from the rest of the province.”

Greyhound gave “no indication” it would seem — other than a detailed 20-page presentation to the province’s Passenger Transportation Board seven months ago that revealed it was hemorrhaging $35,000 a day on its passenger business and needed help to maintain its routes in B.C.’s Interior, North and rural areas.

“Greyhound can simply no longer provide this service on its own,” the company told government.

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Rob Shaw – Vancouver Sun – July 16, 2018.


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