At Nicotine Freak, we believe that oral nicotine products such as nicotine pouches should be sensibly regulated and made available to consumers as safer alternatives to smoking cigarettes. We believe, fundamentally, in harm reduction and improving public health.

Brexit represents a monumental opportunity for the UK government to correct the policy mistakes of the European Union concerning nicotine products, coming in the form of the unelected EU Commission’s Tobacco Products Directive 2014 (TPD). Fortunately, public opinion is important to policymakers in the UK and we as consumers now have the freedom to speak out. Do read on to find out how.

The Vaccination Crisis and EU Public Health Policy Decisions

The ongoing vaccination crisis in the EU is a tragic example of the dangers that unaccountable and irresponsible decision-making processes pose to public health and safety. Also, it exposes yet again the structural inadequacies within Brussels institutions that are negatively affecting other areas of EU policy, far beyond the realm of public health.

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The Nicotine Pouch Market – Mar 01, 2021.

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