Some predicted the vape bubble was set to burst in 2018, Planet of the Vapes looks at how the market is currently performing.

While the introduction of the Tobacco Products Directive heralded the demise of some independent manufacturers mainly operating online, have businesses survived the denial of essential shop status and the enforced closure of brick-and-mortar stores during the COVID-19 lockdowns?

It was over two years ago that the BBC were asking if the vape bubble was about to burst1. Vapers, entrepreneurs, and those looking for a quick buck had opened up a vape store as vaping took off in the United Kingdom. The booming market couldn’t continue as it was.

At the same time, we revealed how small provincial market towns had become swamped with brick-and-mortar outlets. Kettering typified the country in that while some stores languished empty with boarded up windows, six vape stores had opened due to the booming national demand for vape products2. The town is now down to two stores, both of which have a strong online presence to compliment the physical offering.

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Dave Cross – Planet of the Vapes – Feb 18, 2021.

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