Customers can once again buy some vaping products in Massachusetts, after Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration lifted a ban on the sale of nicotine vape products Wednesday.

Retail shops are still prohibited from selling flavored nicotine under a new state law. But businesses can once again sell unflavored or tobacco-flavored vaping products. For many vape shops, that still doesn’t mean it’s back to business as usual.

“We’re glad that the ban is being lifted partially, but it’s not like, ‘woohoo, the ban’s been lifted’ because we can’t sell the biggest piece of our business anymore, which was flavored juices,” said Stacy Poritzky, the co-owner of Vape Daddy’s in Newton.

Poritzky said 90% of her vaping sales came from flavored products. And the ban has already forced Vape Daddy’s to close two of its four locations.

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Zeninjor Enwemeka – Bostonomix – December 12, 2019.

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