The 2020 US Vape Store Survey has revealed that sensationalist and misleading media reports is what has caused most of the damage to the vape industry in 2020, rather than the coronavirus pandemic, as commonly assumed.

This year’s US Vape Store Survey from ECigIntelligence, a leading provider of global market and regulatory news, for the vape sector worldwide, has clearly indicated that the pandemic was not the main reason why the industry took a hit this year. Misleading media reporting, such as blaming vaping for the EVALI outbreak, was what in fact caused most of the damage.

The average store revenue dropped by 18% between 2019 and 2020, with approximately 80% of stores reporting a decline. Interestingly, state and local bans on flavoured products are only believed to have contributed to about a 7% loss in sales.

“At a time when accuracy in reporting is under the national spotlight, this is a vivid illustration of the real damage that can be caused by irresponsible journalism,” said ECigIntelligence editorial director Barnaby Page. “The EVALI outbreak was shown to be caused by vaping of contaminated street cannabis products – nothing to do with the nicotine products that legitimate vape stores sell – but nevertheless these small businesses suffered heavily as a result of the linkage

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Diane Caruana – – March 5, 2021.

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