The UK government has recently been mulling lifting the age limit on buying cigarettes and vaping products to 21. 

There are complex arguments around raising the age limits on cigarettes (think personal freedom, whether you have a choice when you are addicted, net public health gain and so on). But this is a vaping blog, so I’m purely going to stick to the issue of electronic cigarettes here.

To help put this article together I spoke to Louise Ross. Decades in smoking cessation, running a stop smoking service, chairing the New Nicotine Alliance and being business development manager for an innovative stop smoking app means there are few better people to understand the consequences of vape legislation.

Young people will still have access to cigarettes (but not vapes)

First, it’s important to realise that just because you ban something does not mean that people will stop using it.

Read full article here.

James Dunworth – Ecigarette Direct – 2021-09-02.

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