At a digital meeting of Vermont’s Senate Health and Welfare Committee, Tina Zuk, the government relations director at American Heart Association in the state, seemed to have the kind of brief technical problem typical of the COVID era.

“We used to have a joke among our government relations people that we could do our job, but not math,” she said to her colleagues in February. “And it’s sort of the same with technology. So it takes me a little bit to get going here.”

It could serve as a metaphor for what’s currently happening in Vermont and across the country, as towns, cities and states continue to misunderstand the technological breakthrough of vaping and resume their battle against tobacco harm reduction.

Stalled for a while by the pandemic, the Vermont state senate recently decided to reconsider prohibiting both flavored vaping products and menthol cigarettes. That bill, S24, is currently making its way through committees, having just landed in Economic and Development.

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Alex Norcia – FilterMag – 2021-03-23.

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