There are many reasons why nicotine-free vape is a smart choice. Find out here why even die-hard vapers occasionally use nicotine-free vape pen!

Reasons and advantages

Nicotine-free vaping? That might sound a little strange to you at first – especially if you want to switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. But there are very good reasons why some vapers prefer to use a nicotine-free vape pen. In addition to the everyday use of nicotine-containing liquids, some vapers only occasionally switch to nicotine-free liquids. In this article you will find out what the reasons are and what the benefits are.

First of all: 0 mg / ml nicotine really means that there is absolutely no nicotine in the liquid. There are attempts to completely rid conventional tobacco of nicotine, but so far this has not been completely successful. So if you are looking for a completely nicotine-free product, the nicotine-free e-cigarette may be the solution.

The reasons for Nicotine-free vaping

There are many reasons for nicotine-free vaping. Some of these reasons may be obvious; others are less obvious. In the following, you will find out why many former smokers, but also long-established vapers, regularly use nicotine-free vape pen.

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RJ Frometa – Vents Magazine – 2021-04-14.

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