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New York City Council approves ban on all flavored e-cigarettes as US officials backpedal

“New York’s action provides a major boost for the growing national movement to end the sale of flavored e-cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products,” said Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids President Matthew Myers

Massachusetts lawmakers approve bill banning flavored tobacco and levying 75% excise tax on e-cigarettes

The bill would make Massachusetts the first state to ban menthol cigarettes, which anti-smoking advocates say are designed to appeal to children.

San Francisco approves ban on menthol cigarettes and flavored e-cigarette liquids

The results could spark momentum for other cities to pursue similar legislation.


Changing patterns of first e-cigarette flavor used and current flavors used by 20,836 adult frequent e-cigarette users in the USA

Understanding the role that flavors play in the population’s use of e-cigarettes and the impact that flavored e-cigarette products have on the population’s use of more harmful tobacco products, like conventional cigarettes, has been identified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a public health research priority.


Flavor Ban Economic Impact Study Says 151,850 jobs and $22.4 billion in economic activity would be lost | VTA Release


Vaping risks for youth continue to emerge | CMAJ News

A new school year has started and “No Vaping” signs have popped up in middle and high schools. Schools take vaping seriously and many confiscate vaping materials and impose disciplinary actions. Vaping with a pod system is growing swiftly among Canadian teens, and addiction experts are worried.



Spike throwing MSA Bloodmoney at NYC Flavor Ban Hearing

Uploaded by The Vaping Legion Network on 2019-11-26.




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