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Any day now, Canadian vapers expect Health Canada to announce a nationwide restriction for nicotine levels in vaping products that promise to cut by over half the amount of nicotine available in current devices and e-liquids.

It’s also feared the regulator will soon follow with a national ban on e-liquid flavours that is certain to devastate the industry and destroy a vital tool over one million Canadians use to quit smoking.

In this episode of RegWatch, we are joined by Ian Irvine, Professor of Economics at Concordia University and Research Fellow at the C.D. Howe Institute. Hear his warning to Health Canada that these efforts, ostensibly to combat teen vaping, would lead to an increase in smoking-related disease and death.

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Released: June 17, 2021
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  1. As an adult I can honestly say that having a tobacco flavour did not help me quit smoking, I found it less than satisfying and dual used for over 18months, when The flavours became more available it was a very easy thing to stop smoking as I enjoyed the fruit and dessert flavours and found the flavour of tobacco and smoking became very unpleasant to me. This loss of enjoyment in tobacco and smoking is what made it easy to quit smoking, I quit smoking within a few weeks of starting to use dessert flavours.
    Flavours are essential to quitting smoking

  2. 120 million life years lost every year with cigarettes guaranteed. 0 lives lost to vaping 2003 to 2021. Think of the children, they and their parents may well lead happier longer lives. The only poison in the vape debate is money. Thankyou flavors, peaches and cream especially. You stopped my 40 years of smoking and constantly trying everything to quit in less than a week. 4 years later my health and happiness just keep getting better. Smoking is dead,vaping is the future. Politicians, public health and NGO’s, philanthropist’s and the corporate interests, stop colluding in support of combustible death $.


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