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Joining us today to talk about public health’s incomprehensible reaction to the continued decline in youth vaping rates across North American is Dr. Chris Lalonde, Professor of Psychology at the University of Victoria, and a harm reduction advocate.

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Released: October 7, 2021
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  1. Hi Brent: its is politics and power. Simply put vapers are a politically weak constituency. Health Canada wouldn’t dare to harm affluent sectors or (say) sexual or racial minorities the way it is affecting vapers.

    The only ones that could put a brake on Health Canada’s misguided destructive policy making is higher instances of the Canadian federal government. An analogy: if some government agency would be openly pursuing policies, lacking scientific basis, and discriminating against (say) trans sexual people, ignoring those affected and expert criticism, only the higher instances of government can stop this. The question is why high instances of government do not do it. In my opinion, because of two main factors

    (1) those affected (smokers vaping to quit smoking) are in general of lower socioeconomic status and are ((in general) not one of the recognized minorities that (the government recognizes) need to be protected, like Native Canadians, or Black people or sexual minorities, thus there is little political capital in antagonizing well funded medical lobbies and Bloomberg to curb policies affecting them,

    (2) people serving in high government instances don’t smoke (if they did they quit decades ago), don’t socialize with anybody smoking and believe the problem has been solved or is in the process of being solved. Then they are told by those agencies and NGO’s that “take care” of the smoking problem that their kids might possibly become smokers because of vaping. This is what might be justifying that higher instances in government play deaf and allow Health Canada to go ahead regardless of the snags in the procedure.

    • Hi Roberto, great comments as always. I agree with both of the scenarios outlined. It’s perplexing, for instance, many of the “protected” minorities you detailed have high smoking rates. One would think the government would be concerned about that. And to allow tobacco harm reduction products. I’ll have a think on this and see how I can incorporate into an upcoming episode. Thanks! b…

  2. Great works as always good people. Trying to be nice to the system is not working anywhere. Tobacco taxes, medical profits, pharma profits, advertising kickbacks to media houses, tobacco profits, NGO funding, body parts orgs funding, public health funding, up and coming competition medical vapes profits, reduced pension payments, higher insurance premiums. The slime up top have too much to lose. DIY or die may work for a minority of us who are up to speed already, the smoking masses are mostly doomed.
    After seeing the disservice done to vaping, the conspiracy touted by many competent professionals is likely on track. Re: convid, death jabs. There won’t be many smokers, non smokers or Vapers left in a year or 5. The future of Vape fades into insignificance compared to this horror show. Yup I’ve totally lost any faith in public health, government and corporate pharmaceutical medicine.
    Check out LTC Theresa Long MD, MPH, FS USAF, whistleblower affidavit and LTC Peter Chambers MC, FS, SF. Lodged at US District court in Colorado Case #1:21-cv-02228 Document 17 exhibit 4. Crude copy on deepcapture and elsewhere. This is way more serious than my beloved vape dilemmas.

  3. Hi Matt, powerful comments. I think you and most of my viewers know where I stand on the COVID issue. After these many years covering the debacle with public health and vaping, there is no question in my mind that data has been inflated, manipulated, or totally ignored in many areas of public health. Re: Vaping I too agree the “smoking masses are mostly doomed.” I also think you have things correct in regard to the long game. I believe the real strategy is to just wait out this last cohort of smokers and wait for nature to take it’s course. Dark indeed.


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