Fatal Assumption | Spurious Cost-Benefit Analysis Drives Risky Flavour Ban | RegWatch

With Canada’s general election now over and the federal Liberals returned to power, the future for nicotine vaping in Canada appears bleak.

Without political intervention, it’s likely nothing could stop Health Canada from implementing its proposed flavour ban, which is certain to decimate the industry.

Joining us today on RegWatch is Clive Bates, tobacco control policy expert and former Director of Action on Smoking and Health (UK). He issues a blistering critique of Health Canada’s cost-benefit analysis, which the regulator is using to justify its dangerous new policy.

Why does Bates call anti-vaping efforts in Canada “absolutely reprehensible and unethical?”

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Released: Sept 21, 2021
Produced by Brent Stafford

Part of our “Last Stand” coverage

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  1. I am referencing a small snippet of Brainy Furball’s a dedicated E-Cigarette advocate. I read this creative
    writing on his blog, and it woke me up, to the corruption, lies and eventual suffering and deaths of 50% of smokers.

    “Teams Big Tobacco & Big Pharmaceutical.
    “No analysis of either of these two teams is possible without looking at them together. They are, and always have been, the two top teams in the league. The National Governments who control the game and profit from it, have set the rules in such a way as no one can beat them. It is however in the game’s interest that continuous excitement is generated. In order to achieve this, the two teams have been made to appear to be ferocious competitors – diametrically opposed: Nothing could be further from the truth. The whole game is based on this deception.”


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