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As we head into the final few weeks of 2021, the future for vaping and other safer nicotine products has never looked so clear: uncertainty and dread remain the dominant drivers heading into 2022.

Yet, in a remarkable development, 2021 witnessed a strong pushback in favor of tobacco harm reduction by a group of influential tobacco control experts, which could be a gamechanger.

Joining us on RegWatch is the eminent tobacco control researcher Dr. Kenneth Warner, Dean Emeritus, Prof. Emeritus, School of Public Health, University of Michigan. Dr. Warner is at the forefront of efforts to restore balance in public health policy towards vaping and tobacco harm reduction.

Did vaping contribute to the historic decline of teen smoking? Will flavor bans push people back to smoking? Find out!

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Released: December 9, 2021
Produced by Brent Stafford

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  1. I appreciate your esteemed guest. I would like to say, however, that the money is the motive that drives the anti vaping legislation, banning of flavors, taxing vaping as if smoking. The thin veil of a smoke-screen (pun intended), is that vaping has cut too big a slice of the money pie, too many elites, aren’t happy having their income derived from smoking, threatened.


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