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Over the past months, several new research studies have released with surprisingly positive results regarding the most contentious issues around e-cigarettes.

One study indicates that adult smokers who switch to e-cigarettes may have more chances to improve their health and well-being.

Joining us today to discuss the study are Dr. Rick Kosterman and Dr. Marina Epstein, research scientists from the Social Development Research Group at the University of Washington. Their study found better physical health, increased exercise, and more active social engagement. Amazing!

But is there a catch? Find out.

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Released: June 6, 2022
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  1. I quit cold turkey in the 80s then had a stressful situation and 6months later started again, in the early 2ks I tried most ways of quitting (I have some mental health issues so Chantix was out of the question) it was then I found out I have heart disease when I asked about the other medication. I tired gums, sprays, lozenges and patches with limited success. I then tried vaping and dual used for quite a long time (18months) I went to the smoking clinic yet again having just gained access to the EVOD battery and tank which allowed me to use a flavoured liquid I enjoyed that was 19th September 2013, I have not had another cigarette since that clinic and am now a hobbyist vaper and still alive (I would almost certainly have died by around 2015) I enjoy my life and have more money in my pocket than when I smoked

  2. Let’s see the actual ‘studies’ Epstein refers to, do they actually exist hm.. are they comparing the damages of vaping vs. smoking? Let’s compare that with much more harmful adult and teen behaviors, such as substance abuse, alcohol, meth, pain killers, etc.. I doubt the studies she refers to are none other than big pharmaceutical funded anti-vaping and market protection lies, complete with conflicts of interest. Tobacco PUBLIC HEALTH (neo-socialism aka big government) is a dying antiquated pursuit of some elitist know nothings who are out to protect their own status and class. College grads that take up the cloak of A N T Z (A.NTI N.ICOTINE T.OBACCO Z.EALOTS), with the same old tiresome rederick, the dramatized talking points that protect mainly their own outside interests. There are 10 million American vapers, who they deny exist, first of all. Yes, vaping leads to a better quality of life, because of the the side by side comparison of the ravages of inhaling SMOKE as compared with inhaling the few less harmful confirmed to be GRAS ingredients, that vaping produces. NICOTINE IS IN TOMATOES, POTATOES, PEPPERS AND EGGPLANT, let’s see how well pharma’s worthless tobacco replacement therapies have performed, compared with switching to vaping. SMOKERS DIE FROM SMOKE, TAR and 1000s of chemicals, not NICOTINE!

  3. The more difficult it becomes to obtain vaping products, because of FDA regulations, the more likely the research will show a return to smoking.

  4. Dr Epstein states that “nicotine is the most addictive substance in the world”. This is FALSE. Addiction to nicotine (understood as extreme dependence leading to substance abuse) depends on the delivery system, there is a c continuum of dependence with patches < vaping < cigarettes.

    She also mentions her disapproval of addiction (".. nobody should be addicted to anything"), this is a puritan fantasy that condemns many responsible substance users to stigma and self deprecation. This fantasy also sustains the drug was. Dr Epstein's gateway studies on vaping transitioning to smoking among teens has been refuted. It is evident that a kid trying an e-cig is more likely to try a cigarette than one who didn't try ecigs, but this association does not imply causality (like a kid who tries a beer is more likely to try whisky than a teetotaler). The explanation is the so called "common liability" (or better "common propensity") of both trying e-cigs or cigarettes (not one causing the ither).

    Finally Dr Epstein should stop demonizing nicotine as is common among American academics looking at vaping. There is nothing wrong if a kid who watches a parent vaping will vape when adult. Come on. American academics must shake up their puritanism and see the real world where people enjoy nicotine and can consume it with minor risk through vaping and snus. The US is a crazy country, where a 18 year old can buy an assault gun but cannot vape or drink or smoke. SHAKE UP YOUR PURITANISM AMERICA


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