Heavy Decisions | New Excise Tax Rocks Canadian Vape Industry | RegWatch

Consumers of nicotine vaping products in Canada are grappling with another rise in the cost of living, and this time, increasing costs are not a result of inflation but a new federal excise tax that went into effect on Oct. 1st.

Poor planning and government delays affecting the availability of excise tax stamps and a lack of access to secure warehousing for the importation and stamping of vaping products mark the introduction of the tax, which could lead to massive shortages of nicotine vaping products across the country.

In this episode of RegWatch, the Canadian Vaping Association’s executive director and lead advocate Darryl Tempest provides a complete update on the implementation of the new excise tax. We discuss specific challenges facing Canadian manufacturers, distributors, and retail shop owners as they struggle to keep their businesses open, and nicotine vapes in the hands of adult consumers.

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Released: October 5, 2022
Produced by Brent Stafford

Part of our “Last Stand” Canada coverage

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