Inspiring | Amanda Wheeler Speaks at GTNF 2021 London

One of our favorite guests on RegWatch delivered an inspiring heartfelt speech extolling the virtues of vaping at the GTNF 2021 London conference. It’s a message everyone should hear.

Amanda Wheeler
Owner of Jvapes and president of the American Vapor Manufacturers Association

Amanda is the president of the American Vapor Manufacturers Association, which she co-founded to represent independent vapor manufacturers navigating the regulatory landscape. She is also the owner of Jvapes E-liquid, established in 2011. Since then, Wheeler has been a strong advocate for vapor products and also serves as the executive director of the Arizona Smoke-Free Business Alliance and the president of the Rocky Mountain Smoke-Free Alliance. She graduated from Lamar University with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology before pursuing a Master of Arts degree in psychology from Prescott College.

About GTNF 2021
Offers tobacco and nicotine stakeholders the opportunity to reconnect with each other at a time of accelerating change. Together, we can consider and rise to the challenges of balancing innovation and sustainability.

Are you ready to tackle the obstacles and explore the opportunities that the new landscape offers?

Recorded: Sept 23, 2021
Produced by GTNF

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