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It’s hard to believe it could happen in Canada, a government assault on one’s right to speak freely, to share information, and to engage in the operation of a lawful business without fear of penalty or fine.

It’s even harder to believe this is not a reference to the ongoing challenges resulting from the 2020 pandemic. No. These are the words RegWatch first used in February of 2016 to describe the Quebec provincial government’s draconian measures in its maniacal war to eradicate vaping.

Joining us on RegWatch to unpack the War on Vaping and the Fight to Save Flavours in Canada is John Xydous, owner of 4 vape shops in Quebec and regional director for the Canadian Vaping Association, and David Levesque founding partner at Digital Smoke Supplies instrumental vaping activist.

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Released: May 20, 2021
Produced by Brent Stafford

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