Is Vaping 95% Safer? | Tobacco Control

Vaping is 95-percent safer than smoking: This fact, courtesy of Public Health England is the go-to rejoinder for every vaping advocate seeking to counter misinformation about the health effects of vaping. But is vaping really this safe?

In this RegWatch special series snippet hear from Michael Perley, Director at Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco and learn what he thinks about 95-percent safer?

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Released: March 9, 2019


Tobacco Control | Is There A Youth Vaping Epidemic?

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  1. Before using the term “epidemic” there are several important factors to consider. First all, the number of youth each year that never smoked or vaped, who start smoking. Also the number of youth vaping who never smoked or vaped. Next the number of vapers who switched to smoking, in real numbers as well as the number of young smokers who switched to vaping after having previously smoked. I think the number of vaped who never smoked then switched to smoking is likely ridiculously low, if any, vs the number of smoking youth who switched to vaping. As stated we don’t know exactly the long term effects of vaping, but I suspect even at their worst, it is much preferred over the long term effects of smoking.
    Basically, i know if I continue to smoke I will be dead of cancer in less than 20 years. I’ll take my chances on maybe getting some lung damage and needing an inhaler. Cancer kills, vaping doesn’t.


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