It’s A Smack in The Face | Paul Blair |

Inarguably, if President Trump decides to dial-back his proposed national ban on flavored vaping products, then millions of American vapers will have only one person to thank and his name is Paul Blair.

Blair is a policy strategist for the conservative-based advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform; for many, he’s the hero who crunched Trump’s 2016 state-by-state vote totals and loudly warned the president would lose the 2020 election if he abandons the vaper vote.

In this special edition of RegWatch, shot on location in Washington D.C., we talk with Blair about the still-pending national flavor ban and hear why he thinks CDC misinformation on nicotine-vaping is a “smack in the face.”

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Released: November 11, 2019.
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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  1. I was so disappointed when I couldn’t find your live stream on Saturday, but very excited to see that you were hard at work capturing so much of the event and conducting so many great interviews. Awesome work as always Brent! Really appreciate your professionalism and the high quality of your work.


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