JUUL Rule | FDA Stomps Big Vape, But at What Cost?

What to make of FDA’s new JUUL Rule? Well, you could feel ‘hope’ after hearing Commissioner Scott Gottlieb state that there is a “public health benefit” for adult cigarette smokers who switch to vaping. Gottlieb also emphasized the importance of flavors for adult vapers and he clarified FDA “is not revisiting the compliance policy” for vapor products sold in age-restricted locations i.e. vape shops.

This sounds like great news, but is it?

It’s certainly not good news for JUUL or its millions of customers who now face the dreary prospect of lost access, to the products they rely on, to kick smoking or to stay quit. Ramifications could be dire says Dr. Michael Siegel from Boston University School of Public Health.

In this episode of RegWatch hear Dr. Siegal dismantle each of the most inflated, overwrought misperceptions of vaping and learn why he thinks FDA’s regulatory action against JUUL could have “devastating impacts on the public’s health.”

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Produced by: Brent Stafford
Released: November 17, 2018

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  1. Yeah… no kickback from vape products. FDA public health for a profit. I think after this move, if there is an increase in teen smoking, that members of the FDA should be charged with contributing to delinquency of minors, all parties responsible. Fine and Prison time. Protect the future by stating WE AIN’T GONNA TAKE IT now!

  2. Funny how they state 78% increase in vaping, but not:
    How much % started smoking vs previous year
    How much of this 78% vape 0 nicotine ejuice
    FDA is overlooking one very important detail… tobacco has never come in pastry or mango or candy flavors, yet for over 60 years they have spent millions to prevent teens from starting smoking. This is the very definition of stupidity… doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. All the FDA is going to do is force teens to smoke tobacco. If there is no immediate benefit to vaping (such as flavors) why bother to quit smoking, right? (from a teens point of view)

  3. Dr Siegel should have mentioned that all evidence on nicotine “harms” of any sort to adolescente brain development comes from experiments with rodents, not from any observation in humans. Also, it is extremely speculative to describe JUUL usage among teens as “addictive” (which would require at least daily usage). The FDA has not released the data that allegedly shows an 80% increase of current usage of e-cigarettes among high schoolers. Since 2017 data shows a minimal percentage of daily usage, an 80% increase of such small percentages can hardly be described as epidemic. This overreaction by the FDA bears no relation with the facts on the ground, but with the specifics of tobacco control politics in the USA (how come such overreaction has not occurred in Canada or the UK?)


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