Malleable Science | Dr. Brad Rodu Warns Torrent of Negative Vaping Research

Vaping in the United States is under serious threat and despite recent positive events in Canada there is much for vapers to be concerned about. The impact of research & regulations emanating from U.S. institutions reverberate throughout the vaping world and according to Dr. Brad Rodu vapers should brace for a torrent of negative research in 2017.

Dr. Rodu is a mouth cancer specialist and professor of medicine at the University of Louisville, where he holds an endowed chair in tobacco harm reduction research. For over 35-years he’s battled the tobacco control movement in an effort to provide smokers safer alternatives to combustible tobacco.

In this must see episode hear why Dr. Rodu thinks the anti-vaping movement is gaining momentum—only on RegWatch by – December 28, 2016.


Dr. Rodu Rebuts Gateway Effect | Web Extra

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