Manufacturing Harm | How COVID-19 Is Being Used to Destroy Vaping | RegWatch

Follow the science. It’s the exhortation we hear all the time from politicians and bureaucrats to activists and academics.

Whether at work or at school or via the mainstream media, we are awash in a reverence to science. But what if science is being used to advance an ideological agenda and great harm is the result?

Joining us today to discuss this possibility is Dr. Annie Kleykamp an experimental psychologist, medical analyst and evidence-based health advocate. Hear why she believes the COVID-19 pandemic is being cynically used as a golden opportunity to “prove” e-cigarettes damage the lungs and thus destroy the virtues of vaping.

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Released on October 30, 2020
Produced by Brent Stafford

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  1. Thanks Brent & Dr Annie. I appreciate both your works so much. The honest respectability presented in your report renews my hope for a better future for human kind.
    The circus of Anti tobacco profit loss zealots, dang big inbred circus it is too. Can but dream of the real admiration the true THR advocates have for real hero’s like yourself’s and your team regwatch.


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