Nation Unmoored | Bernier Talks Protests, Climate Scare & Corona Virus | RegWatch (Live)

Canada is a nation unmoored from tradition and is frightened to recognize good ideas from its past. Every idea or policy must drive towards change, and not just any old change, it must be radical change; otherwise, the action is deemed illegitimate and often even racist.

The vast majority of divisive issues facing our country, such as immigration and diversity, indigenous rights, resource extraction, growth of government, global warming and the redistribution of wealth all are impacted by the imperative of radical change.

In this special edition of RegWatch, Maxime Bernier the leader of the People’s Party of Canada joins the show for an in-depth discussion of the key issues challenging our nation today.

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Live Streamed: March 5, 2020
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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