Nic Caps & Flavour Bans | Canadian Vape Retailer Responds to Recent Turmoil | RegWatch

If you are a business consultant specialized in crisis management, there’s no better client to have than the Canadian vaping industry.

Which in just the past few years, has been pummeled by the so-called “epidemic” of teen vaping, the so-called “vaping-related lung illness,” and of course the Coronavirus.

Whether it’s COVID lockdowns, flavour bans, or nicotine caps the industry is under withering assault. But yet, it perseveres. However, 2021 could be the most challenging year yet.

Joining us today on RegWatch to talk about those challenges is Robin Gasnier, district manager of Vape Nation an Ontario-based vaping products retail chain.

Does 2021 pose an existential crisis for the Canadian vaping industry?

Find out! Only on RegWatch by

Released: February 20, 2021
Produced by Brent Stafford

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