No Shame | Bloomberg’s War on Vaping Pt. 1 | RegWatch

In a world filled with grand conspiracy theories, it can be difficult to nail down a proper villain. After all, there’s no shortage of bad actors. But when it comes to the war on vaping there’s really only one, the billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

In this special series of RegWatch, we explore how Bloomberg uses his power and money to backstop a tangled web of philanthropic organizations who cajole, strong-arm or buy-off governments of low and middle-income countries so that they would implement harsh restrictions, taxes, and even bans on low-risk nicotine products, such as vaping.

Is Bloomberg doing more harm than good?

Find out. Only on RegWatch by

Released: March 28, 2021
Produced by Brent Stafford

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  1. As you both know and thank you for your dedication to TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION you are true humanitarians. The #1 question, that people, that only hear mainstream propaganda about the dangers to children is (drumroll)…………. Why don’t they outlaw the manufacturing and sales of all forms of tobacco?????????????? That question will leaves their lying mouths open, gasping for enough breath to keep lying to smokers, many of which will be dying, as they completely obscure the truth to all the public, running a campaign, that keeps smokers trapped, blocking the only known exit, that smokers themselves, (consumers as you pointed out, eloquently) have found. Smokers are human beings, no different than anyone else, with the right to decide for themselves if smoking is best or possibly vaping IS BETTER!


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