North Matters | Grassroots Fight for Economic Survival | RegWatch (Live)

For the great people of Northern British Columbia calculating the economic impact of the Wet’suwet’en pipeline protests is just another exercise in a long treacherous battle with radical environmental activists hell-bent on destroying the resource economy. And, the battle has taken its toll.

What the protestors want is to level and not just level the playing field, but to level results. To achieve leveling activists thwart multi-billion-dollar resource projects through obstinacy and militancy. They strangle resource development at the local level; destroying family and community throughout.

Joining RegWatch Live from Kitimat in northern B.C. is Dave Johnston, founder of The North Matters a pro-resources grassroots advocacy group that promotes unity and action in solidarity with B.C.’s resource citizens. Hear Dave’s account of the coordinated “misinformation” attacks playing out in the protests and learn what (if anything) could be done to stop them.

Live Streamed: March 1, 2020
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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