Part 2 | Glantz on e-Cigs | Promoting the Tobacco Epidemic

When Public Health England, the nation’s primary health authority, put these words into print “e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes” it sparked celebration in the vaping world and a cascade of controversy amongst public health officials and anti-smoking activists.

Are e-cigarettes really 95% safer than smoking? Stanton Glantz says no!

He thinks the 95% number was “made-up” by a group of people who have financial conflicts of interest and no evidence to backup their claims.

Tune in for Part 2 of our EXCLUSIVE interview with UCSF professor Stanton Glantz, the world’s most well-known tobacco control activist and the man who beat Big Tobacco in the 1990’s.

Hear what he thinks of the FDA Deeming Regulations, FDA grandfather clause, cancer risk vs. heart disease risk, the Royal College of Physicians in the UK’s “Nicotine without Smoke” report and Public Health England’s 95% less harmful finding. It’s an explosive episode you don’t want to miss—only on RegWatch by – October 3, 2016.


What’s the Risk? Cancer vs. Heart Disease | Stanton Glantz | Web Extra

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