Part 2 | Politicizing Science | Siegel on Glantz & E-Cigs

Are e-cigarettes 95% safer than smoking as Public Health England reports or is the quantification a “made up number” as renowned anti-smoking activist Stanton Glantz believes? Learn the answer to this question and more in the final part of our in-depth conversation with Dr. Michael Siegel, professor at Boston University School of Public Health and tobacco control expert.

Dr. Siegel believes long-time anti-smoking advocates like professor Glantz and organizations like the Centers for Disease Control are marshaling forces to eradicate vaping in an effort to quell ‘cognitive dissonance’. Where beliefs about tobacco control clash with the realities of vaping, leading experienced public health officials to make irrational assumptions and take unreasonable actions in opposition to the life saving potential of e-cigarettes.

Why do anti-smoking activists reject the scientific opinion of colleagues in the public health movement that believe e-cigarettes could be the ‘endgame’ strategy to beat the tobacco epidemic? Find out now—only on RegWatch by – October 14, 2016.


Siegel on FDA Deeming Regs | Web Extra

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