Reasoned Research – $8.8-million e-Cig Study Explained

Are vapers justifiably paranoid when it comes to research on e-Cigarettes? Maybe, since after all it does appear that research is often used as a weapon to promulgate fear and misinformation in the public health war against vaping. How else could more people now believe that vaping is as harmful or even more harmful than smoking?

While an onslaught of ominous headlines shapes public opinion, there are scientists behind the scenes working on evidence-based research in an effort to shed new light on issues vital to vaping. A potentially ground-breaking, multimillion-dollar research project funded by the U.S. National Cancer Institute is leading the way.

The University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada and the Medical University of South Carolina in the U.S. are the two lead institutions in the international project focusing on evaluating the efficacy and viability of e-Cigarette regulations. It’s a fascinating study. Learn why for yourself directly from Dr. Geoffrey Fong, chief principal investigator from Waterloo University—only on RegWatch by – August 18, 2016.

CLICK HERE for – University of Waterloo Research Project (Summaries)

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