Salmon Wars | First Nations ‘Pushback’ In Fish Farm Fight

If one were to judge solely by attestations and outcry, it would be forgiven to believe British Columbia’s salmon farms are an infestation posing a mortal threat to wild salmon stocks and destroying First Nations’ traditional culture.

The facts, however, prove quite the difference.

While the battle to ban salmon farming in British Columbia is being waged by a vocal group of First Nations, not all First Nations see fish farming as a threat. Many more are convinced the practice is a lifeline that provides desperately needed well-paying jobs and protects wild salmon from being fished to extinction.

In this installment of “Salmon Wars” hear directly from First Nations clan and business leaders and learn what they think of the radical protestors who threaten the industry and why they believe salmon farming is “the best thing to happen” to their people.

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Produced by: Brent Stafford

Released June 16, 2018

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