Shoe Drops | Health Canada Puts Flavours, Nicotine & Adult Access on The Table

Regulatory intervention on flavours in vaping products (i.e. a flavour ban) is ‘not’ off the table says James Van Loon, Director General of the Tobacco Control Directorate at Health Canada.

The federal regulator is considering every measure to stem the tide of youth vaping and is calling on parents, educators, youth and public stakeholders to weigh in on key issues in a consultation on potential regulatory measures to reduce youth access and appeal of vaping products in Canada.

In part-2 of our exclusive interview with Director General Van Loon, hear a detailed discussion on youth vaping statistics, flavours, nicotine salts, online sales, the upcoming federal election and much more.

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Produced by: Brent Stafford
Released: April 22, 2019

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  1. Youths under 18 shouldnt be getting.them anyways unless getting from friends older then them or parents,parents friends. Or the stores selling them to under age youths


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