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For many, quitting smoking with public health “approved” methods is an arduous task fraught with failure.

Yet, vaping has proven to be a successful method for millions of people, even though public health refuses to acknowledge its benefits.

In this holiday edition of RegWatch, we are joined by Dr. Colin Mendelsohn to discuss his new book “Stop Smoking Start Vaping: The Healthy Truth About Vaping.”

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Released: December 28, 2021
Produced by Brent Stafford

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  1. From a review of patents it appears that the new versions of E Cigarettes (iQOS, JUUL, etc) use microchips to sense draw, measure baseline temperature of the oven etc., process the data and use an algorithm to program the microprocessor’s control of the batteries output. If this is true it appears that the device produces a pattern of nicotine delivery that initially produces a highly reinforcing spike for 50-100 milliseconds followed by the battery shutting down a “vape” interval. The process seems to be repeated 8 plus times during a bout of vaping. Based on the parent language it appears the device is smoking and user only passively adapting to the pattern of emissions. My question if this is so how can a vaper quit when an algorithm is constantly adjusting the emissions for. Vaper who is altering intake in an effort to quit. It would a[pear a smoker has a better chance of quitting that a Vaper? Gregory N Connolly DMD, MPH


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