On Monday RegWatch reported via a curated article on RegulatorWatch.com that Canada Post has “suspended normal delivery guarantees for parcel service, with the focus being on the health and safety of everyone.”

In the effort to maximize social distancing measures, to combat the spread of COVID-19, Canada Post states that “Customers will no longer need to sign for parcels at the door to minimize personal contact.” The concern for online retailers of vaping products is whether the new policy would then prevent the postal carrier from delivering vaping products where age verification is required.

A former employee of Canada Post (and RegWatch viewer) reached out to current Canada Post employees on the frontlines of package delivery. While RegWatch is not able to independently verify the following information, it is provided by a credible source from the vaping community:

I’ve been told by 2 posties they are delivering all signature items (ie 19+, cannabis etc). Delivering to door, postie will sign, it’s up to postie’s discretion if they want to have contact or not. BUT you can leave a note (front door or mail panel if in apt/condo) to let your postie know to safe drop the pkg at your door. So, sounds like PO is still accepting these items for delivery

RegWatch recommends online vape retailers and customers reach out to local Canada Post offices with any questions on Canada Post’s new Coronavirus-Related Adjustments to Protocol.

Brent Stafford – RegWatch – March 24, 2020.

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