Vaping | Is it an urgent threat to public health? (RegWatch Live)

In-depth discussion of the widening war against vaping in Canada.

Guest: Thomas Kirsop

Some of the stories to be discussed:

They don’t have to die. But I can’t tell you that | Letter

Vaping an urgent threat to public health: experts (CityNews)

Vaping is an urgent threat to public health (opinion)

Ottawa needs to protect our kids from nicotine addiction

Smoke for thought

Kirsop is a 47 year old father of four who smoked his first cigarette at the age of 9, and his last at the age of 43. Currently Thomas, along with his wife are he sole shareholders in an incorporated small business venture operating two shops in central Alberta offering alternatives to adult smokers. Thomas is an advocate for vaping as a harm reduction tool, has served on the board of the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECTA) of Canada, and continues to support that organization with his research and writing skills.

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Produced by: Brent Stafford

Streamed Live: March 24, 2019


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