Seven out of 10 smokers are open to switching from cigarettes to nicotine vaping but lack information to make that choice, according to new research — and in Australia, where some of the world’s most draconian anti-vaping laws are in place, they are even more in the dark than others.

Getting caught in Western Australia with liquid nicotine for e-cigarettes, for example, can get you a whopping $45,000 fine, while in the ACT it can land you two years in prison.

And the rules are even tougher for the e-cigarette companies, who are forbidden from claiming their products can help you quit smoking, even though medical authorities like the UK’s National Health Service have suggested precisely that.

Philip Morris International has now released a white paper presenting fresh evidence that “smoke-free alternatives” could be a catalyst for quitting.

Granted, you might not be interested in what an evil tobacco company thinks on this subject, and fair enough. But arguably they’re also best-placed to assess the views of the world’s remaining smokers.

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Aleks Vickovich – Business Insider Australia – August 22, 2019.

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