“A collaborative study between researchers at Harvard University and the Massachusetts General Hospital once again proved the smoking cessation value of e-cigarettes.”

2019 has been a divisive year for the vaping industry, with several massive battles going on at the same time. Between the FDA’s push to ban flavors, and lawsuits aiming to move the PMTA up, vapers are always in need of good news.

Luckily, a new report out of Harvard University is reaffirming a long-held belief among vapers, that e-cigarettes are an invaluable tool in the fight against tobacco. The study was conducted alongside doctors at the Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the most well-respected institutions in the country.

While the new report hasn’t gained much traction yet, vaping advocates are optimistic this latest research will help prove once and for all that vaping is one of the single best tools we have to end tobacco dependence. Meanwhile, anti-vapers have been dismissive of the new results, still choosing to focus on the so-called teenage vaping “epidemic.”

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Jimmy Hafrey – Churnmag.com – August 20, 2019.

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