Today, smoking is not cool, and many passionate nicotine users are trying to move to an alternative option, so they can decrease the risks of the usual tobacco usage.

That’s the reason why vaping systems are so popular, especially pod vapes. But, what exactly is a pod vaping system? It’s any device that has a plastic pod for the e-liquids, that you can remove, and check if you have to refill. Some of them are even replaceable, and as you finish the one for single usage, you can put the next one. In general, pod vapes aren’t made for refilling, but surely there are some models that let you do that.

Also, they are small and suitable for your pocket or purse. People love them because they are easy to store, clean, and use in general, and that’s why they are taking over the usual vaping devices. You only have to make sure it’s always charged, and that you have enough pods, without having to worry if you bought a liquid or not.

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By Lana Alibabic – EDMChicago – March 2, 2021.

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