The market for cannabis concentrates in the United States is on fire—well, not literally, because fire leads to combustion, and combustion leads to smoke (instead of vapor).

But it’s figuratively on fire, as evidenced by a report from Arcview Market Research that shows almost $3 billion in legal concentrate sales in 2018—a 49% increase over the previous year. By 2022, researchers estimate annual sales will reach $8.4 billion, putting concentrates roughly on par with smokable flowers.

As a catch-all term, concentrates can mean everything from BHO to rosin to distillate to hash, but according to the same report, 58% of concentrate spending last year came in the form of pre-filled cartridges designed to work in vape pens.

Consumers have been gravitating to vape pens because they’re portable, easy to use, easy to self-titrate, and potent, with THC levels of 70% or higher.

But what if this ubiquitous symbol of the cannabis legalization era has a dark side? What if everything about your vape game—from the pen itself to the oil inside—is fake?

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David Bienenstock – Leafly – March 1, 2019.

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