Arizona Youth Tobacco and Vaping Rates at Lowest Levels Recorded


There’s great news out of the Grand Canyon State, in 2022, youth tobacco and vapor product use rates reached their lowest levels recorded.

According to data from the Arizona Youth Survey (AYS), in 2022, only 3.7% of 8th graders, 6.2% of 10th graders, and 9.4% of 12th graders reported ever trying a combustible cigarette. Since 2016, ever-use among 8th graders has declined by 73.4%, among 10th graders by 70.5%, and among 12th graders by 69.8%.

Current cigarette use, defined as having smoked a cigarette on at least one occasion in the 30 days prior to the survey, has declined as well. In 2022, only 1% of 8th graders, 1.6% of 10th graders, and 2.5% of 12th graders reported current combustible cigarette use. Similar to ever-use, since 2016, current cigarette use by 8th graders has declined by 77.8%, among 10th graders by 77.1%, and among 12th graders by 79.8%.

With the introduction of novel tobacco harm reduction products, including e-cigarettes, many policymakers have focused their attention on youth e-cigarette use. According to the AYS, youth e-cigarette use peaked in 2018 and has steadily declined in the years that followed.

In 2022, among 8th graders, 13.6% reported ever-use of e-cigarettes and 6.3% reported current use. Since 2018, ever-use has declined by 50.9% and current use by 53%. Among 10th graders, in 2022, 20.6% reported ever using e-cigarettes and 10.3% reported current use. Ever- and current use of e-cigarettes among 10th graders has declined by 47.6% and 51.6%, respectively, since 2018. Similarly, among 12th graders in 2022, 27% reported ever trying e-cigarettes and 14.8% reported current use. Since 2018, among 12th graders, ever and current vaping rates have declined by 41.1% and 43.3%, respectively.

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Lindsey Stroud – – 2022-09-15.

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