On September 3, Boulder, Colorado joined a handful of other cities across the country by banning e-cigarette flavors, which have been blamed for driving increases in youth vaping yet are also known to support adult smokers in switching to a less harmful nicotine alternative.

Pushing the city even further away from tobacco harm reduction. A tax hike on vapes⁠—and not combustible tobacco⁠—will be also voted on by residents in November, and will potentially push the city even further away from tobacco harm reduction.

The Boulder City Council unanimously voted in favor of a new plan to eliminate all vaping flavors from the city’s legal market beginning next year. Adding to that, council members agreed to place an “emergency” ballot proposal for a 40 percent tax on what they call “electronic smoking devices”⁠—a fundamental mischaracterization of products that produces vapor, not smoke.

Councilwoman Cindy Carlisle was disappointed that cigarettes were not included in the tax question, telling local newspaper The Daily Camera that it is a “half measure.” Currently, Boulder has no city-level tax on combustible cigarettes, while the state excises around 20 cents for a 20-pack. A $9 vape liquid sale, however, would see a $3.60 tax add-on under the ballot proposal.

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Filter Staff – Filter Mag – September 4, 2019.

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