A release by the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA), highlights that proponents of flavour restrictions are ignoring the survey data indicating that as a safer alternative to smoking, vaping improves mental health.

Youth mental well-being in Canada has seen a decline in recent years, and similar patterns are observed around the world.

The CVA is pointing out that while those who support flavour bans insist that the availability of flavours is what encourages young people to try the products, they ignore the data indicating that switching from smoking to vaping, improves their mental well-being levels.

“A study conducted in BC asked youth about quitting vaping, where 24% of youth reported that vaping improved their mental health and 11% indicated that mental health counseling would help them quit vaping. In their comments, there are requests for judgement-free and shameless approaches to quit vaping, as well as education on how to quit. While it may seem obvious that a federal strategy would outline support and stress management for youth, the battle has been wrongfully directed towards flavours,” explains the CVA.

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Diane Caruana – VapingPost – 2021-10-01.

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