In line with findings released by several independent studies, recent data published by Juul Labs at the Academy Health 2020 Annual Research Meeting, suggested that Juul’s market entry in Canada, has led to decreased cigarette sales.

Since merging with Big Tobacco company Altria, Juul Labs has lost credibility as having harm reduction at heart and has been at the receiving end of incessant scrutiny and multiple lawsuits. To this effect the firm has been attempting to engage with the public health community.

Last Summer, the manufacturer announced findings from a new study at the Academy Health 2020 Annual Research Meeting linking the Juul System’s market entry to decreased cigarette sales in Canada.

Juul’s market entry led to a 1.5% decrease in cigarette sales within a year
Conducted and presented by Dr. Shivaani Prakash, Juul Labs’ Director of Health Economics and Policy Research, the study titled, “The Impact of Juul Market Entry on Cigarette Sales: Evidence of Store-Level Sales Declines from Canada,” found that within the first 12 months of market entry, the Juul device likely led to a 1.5% decrease on average in store-level cigarette sales volume, within one large retailer chain.

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Diane Caruana – – November 4, 2020.

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